Tips for a Slow Blog Death

Web Pro News always has the handle on the cutting edge. Here are some salient points about blogs, please remind me if I do this.

How To Destroy Your Blog

By Wayne Hurlbert

There are several ways that you can destroy your own blog. It might be a slow and gradual demise; or perhaps sudden and decisive.
Become boring. Talk about yourself, and nothing else, in the most tedious way possible. Leave no detail unturned.
Post rarely. Let entire glacial epochs pass between those posts about your choice of socks.
Never link to any other blogs. After all, none of them have cool socks like yours, to keep their feet toasty warm, during those chilly ice ages.
Have no comments available on your blog. Why let anyone discuss socks and glaciers when you do it so much better, if somewhat less frequently. Anyway, who’s counting?
Don’t comment on any other blogs. They will be extinct after the thaw, and will have worn out their socks by then anyway.
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