The Rotary Calls

I was invited to speak at the Springfield, MA Rotary luncheon on Friday. An associate, Paul MacDonald, at a company I work with saw the article in BusinessWest magazine, and decided that I had what it takes to stand up in front of 100 or so businesspeople and talk. So I am now contemplating what to say, when I get my 20 minutes or so, after we’ve all had lunch, and I am the dessert.

Public speaking is a rush. There is this wonderful feeling you get when you connect with the audience, that’s why it is to much fun to be a performer. I am mulling over talking about travel trends or about using the internet and how to make your website better. I think that since my biography is about travel editing, that is where I should focus. I will give away a few GoNOMAD tee shirts to people who get the right answers to my short quiz.