Quoted Accurately in Print

Jacylyn Stevenson’s article about GoNOMAD just came out in the well respected, newly bi-weekly BusinessWest magazine, that covers all aspects of business in Western Mass. It was nice to visit with her a few weeks ago and to share our enthusiasm for travel. We hope that Jackie herself will soon begin writing for us, when we send her on a trip. Here are her quotes, accurate, I might add, that she published in the story.

“The most important thing people needed to know after 9/11 was that America was still open for business,” he said. “The same holds true for South Asia following the tsunami. People are donating millions of dollars to relief efforts, and I gladly donated as well. But the best way we, as Americans, as travelers, can help the countries that were hit by the tsunami is to go there.

“Many people equate those entire countries with the damage caused by the tsunami, but that’s not accurate,” he continued. “There are some great, inland areas that are just fine, and accepting tourists. Spending our dollars there will help the entire economy.”

He added that GoNomad travelers are the ideal group to lead the way.

“These people want to see the whole world, not select parts,” he said. “They want to go to South Asia, or to the Middle East. They want to learn about new cultures. That act of people connecting with people is what is needed most.”

Hartshorne is hard at work monitoring those connections from his South Deerfield office each day… constantly welcoming new visitors to the rest of the world.