Making Footprints on the Border

I read today on Drudge that Vincente Fox is against building walls on our southern border. “No country that is proud of itself should build walls … it doesn’t make any sense,” Fox told a Mexico City news conference. “We are convinced that walls don’t work.” He said it was impossible for Mexico to post military or police patrols along the entire border to prevent crossings. “We can’t keep them against their will by force,” he said.

I found a photo on the web of the wall near San Diego, and comments by a hiker who had made the whole long journey from Canada to Mexico on the Pacific Crest Trail. He wrote:
“Still what strikes me the most about standing at the southern terminus of the Trail, isn’t the monument. It’s the twelve foot tall wall of corrugated steel standing some two dozen feet south of the monument. Running to the horizons in the East and West, it marks the true border between the US and Mexico.

Separating me and the border is a “No Man’s Land”. A road that runs parallel to the wall and patrolled by countless Border Patrol officers. They drive along it dragging a raft of tires chained together. A contraption designed to even out the dirt so that foot prints are easier to spot.