Beaten with a Blackberry? Say it Ain’t So!

Today’s NY Post, (the best newspaper website around, and it has everything that the paper has) reports on a savage attack by Naomi Campbell on her assistant while traveling in Rio.

“Fiery supermodel Naomi Campbell has allegedly attacked another one of her assistants — beating her with a BlackBerry and slapping her across the face.
An insider tattles to PAGE SIX that Campbell was traveling with a young female assistant in Brazil last week when the catfighting catwalker pounced on her prey during an argument.

“Naomi was slapping her with one hand, and beating her with a BlackBerry with the other,” claims our source.

When the sobbing assistant threatened to report the Blackberry beat-down to police, Campbell warned that she would leave her stranded in South America.

“Naomi told her, ‘If you go to the police, you’re gonna have to pay for your airfare home and I’m gonna whack you with this big hotel bill,’ ” says our source.

“They were staying at an expensive suite in Rio and the assistant couldn’t afford to pay for any of that. She’s still traveling with Naomi, but she wants to quit as soon as they come back to New York.”