What One Man’s Enthusiasm Can Bring

The Adventure Expo travel show was a spectacular success where we were able to show thousands of travelers what GoNOMAD has to offer them. It was, again, so great to be in the Biggest City in the World, and to have new faces like Joe O join the GoNOMAD girls in the booth. A natural salesman, Joe has the wisdom to ask what he doesn’t know and the confidence to tell you when he disagrees. Whether it is the polite thing to do or not. This refreshing candor has worked well for him in his radio sales job, forming many strong relationships and leaving trusted customers in his wake. His belief in the vast potential of the website is what drives him and it makes us proud to have him join us in our endeavor.

The tradeshow of course was exhilarating, and also a lot of physical work. Taking down the booth, dragging boxes miles to our car, standing on our feet for 10 hours, talking endlessly saying the same thing, (the answer to “what is GoNOMAD?”) takes your voice away and makes your feet sore. But at the end of the day, our readers are what makes us successful, and talking to them one at a time is how we build our brand and will continue to prosper.

A swirling snowstorm on the way home complicated things, but a steaming bowl of seafood noodle soup at Pho Saigon, in Springfield, made it all ok.