Van Horn Ain’t Seen Nothin Like This

Jeff Bezos, Amazon ‘multibillionaire’ has big plans for Van Horn Texas. This tiny burg of 3000, smack dab on Interstate 20 in West Texas, is where he’s purchased 165,000 acres for his ranch. Seems Jeff grew up on his grandaddy’s ranch in South Texas, so he wants to show his kids the same. But the real reason that he’s drawn to these wide open spaces is space. Bezos is another technology wizard/richdude who wants to go into orbit. He’s launched his own aerospace company called Blue Origin, and in six or seven years they will be able to take trips into the earth’s atmosphere. Others playing the same tune are Paul Allen and Paypal’s Elon Musk.

We met a woman at the travel show who had a similar idea. Their company, Space Travel, planned manned flights up to 65,000 feet for a mere $200K, or a trip high enough to lose gravity for a few thousand. Stay tuned, you’ll be reading about this soon on