The Victims of the Victims a bold blog, states something that few have had the nerve to say:

You might have noticed coming through the reports that there have been a LARGE number of dead tourists from Germany, Scandinavia and other Western European countries among the victims of this disaster, especially in Thailand and its beach resorts. The fact you are NOT being presented with is that these are predominantly MALE victims, and that this area is, or rather has been, the hotbed of child-sex-tourism and child-sex-slave prostitution in the world, mostly going on because “civilized” males from “civilized” ( not to mention UN”stingy” nations) have the cash and the desire and finance it with their criminal and immoral lusts.

So this does present a dilemma for these rich Northern countries. They need to find out where the bodies are of the men who have been on holiday preying on young Asians. It doesn’t make their deaths any less tragic, in fact it makes it moreso.