The People You Meet

A get together with beers and a weak assortment of cheesy hors d’oeuvres brought out the men and women of hidden tech, a group of stay-at-homes who gather to commiserate and network every few months.There was a web designer, a handsome twentysomething from Brazil, who works with his partner in Rio and makes up sites for local businesses. He didn’t have a card (a faux pas at a network event!) and he didn’t have pen, but we exchanged numbers and I gave him a GoNOMAD notebook for the next event. He teaches Portuguese at the University. The second business card-enabled gent I met was a man who sells books and ebooks on line, and dispenses advice about being frugal.

Then I returned home to find some friends here. One was a gregarious, tall, loud young man whose voice boomed and he repeatedly wanted to show me some doodles he had drawn. His companion was a sharp featured, slender young woman in her late twenties. She enjoyed the warmth of the fire and told me our house was cozy. After they had left, I found out that the woman is a stripper who works in Palmer. That was quite a surprise, she looked so ordinary to me. But she told a friend she had “an amazing ass,” and I guess that explains it.