Dining in Downtown Hartford in Style

Hartford has never been a very impressive place, not really a place you’d think about when naming cool, hip, with-it places you’d want to be. But I had lunch today in the downtown’s swankest and most posh restaurant. Max Downtown. The wine was crisp and the Nantucket scallops were sweet. The waiter was attentive and the ambience rich with possibility. Meeting with a fellow website owner, scheming and strategizing over the game plan for the months ahead. Business is fantastic, the web feels like an untethered horse, able to run and run and then, go even faster when you think it’s out of steam.

Tom, the gentlemen I dined with was urbane and unfettered, a man who had figured out that he could work at home, play with his small children, and succeed wildly in a low stress web based business. He was natty in a camel hair blazer, yet relexed, tie-less. It makes things look brighter that we find so many stories like these people who are truly doing what they love.

Like the early adopters of the web have said, it has and will and continues to change everything.