CNN Live with Betty and Miles

On Monday as we were driving home in the snow from Northern VT, we got a call from a producer at CNN. He wanted us for a live shot to comment on airline passenger’s rights. Though we were more than two hours away, we jumped at the chance, and at 2:35 pm I found myself being miked up at the local NBC affiliate station in Chicopee. In my earpiece I could hear Betty Nguyen and Miles commenting on the terrible Tsunami and the ever lengthening number of dead. Since this wasn’t the CNN Studios, I had to request that they switch the monitor over in the far corner to the show, so I could see what I was hearing from my earpiece.

“On in 90 seconds,” said the booth guy from Atlanta. A very helpful woman named Amy sat by me, she let me know that the papers in my lap wouldn’t be beamed out, just my head and part of my chest. When they flipped the first question at me, I was, thank God, prepared, and talked about the legal obligations of the airlines, when a flight is cancelled. Then she hit me with a question about lost luggage. Again, thanks to my crack team of researchers, Kent and Joe, I was prepared and was even able to mention the store in North Alabama where all of the unclaimed lost luggage is eventually sold off.

It was a thrill be make it on for four minutes, and our GoNOMAD page views jumped to over 8000 for that day, meaning that the little slide with “” worked its television magic.