Broadway and Playboy

New York City…just like I pictured it…skyscrapers and everythang…quoth the old Stevie Wonder song. I had a great time Wednesday taking an early morning bus down to NYC to meet my mother Valerie Hartshorne and see the broadway show 42nd St., which is billed as “a musical for those who love musicals.”

The huge Ford Theater on Broadway on 42nd Street was packed to the top of the third balcony. The orchestra was tight and crisp, playing those 1930s songs that everyone knows…”we’re in the money” and so many other great tunes.

The dancers, more than 29 men, and women, beamed from the stage, as we sat only four rows from the stage. The dancing, the energy of the show, and the excitement the show generates from the theme of “making the big time in the Big Apple” was palpable. What an exciting afternoon. God. Broadway is as great as ever and seeing a show like this makes your heart beat and your feet tap and all was right with the world.

Stopped by and met the ravishing head of Italian Tourism, Antonia Imperoli, at her office on Fifth Avenue. We are going to be renting a place in Urbino Italy next September, and I wanted to get some information on where to go, and how to get this all set up. Antonia, who of course knew about, was gracious and offered some good advice about where to stay and suggested that this little university town would be a perfect place to see the Le Marche region.

This, she said, is “the next Tuscany,” with largely undiscovered, with beautiful rolling hills, splendid Adriatic beaches, few touristas, and inexpensive rentals. Brought back some good info and enjoyed a splendid lunch at Cafe Napolean, a french place with a $20.00 pre-theater lunch. It’s always great to be in the biggest baddest city of them all.

Heard from a chap down at Playboy Magazine, that they are interested in publishing something about gonomad…now to find out how to pitch this, so that the famous men’s mag has a good hook.